New York Horror Show

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The bone-chilling Tattoo Contest! This twisted celebration explores the pleasures and pains of the flesh, where beautiful artwork is etched upon the living canvas. Two categories beckon the brave to enter. The first is “Silver Scream,” a diabolical homage to the creatures, monsters, and maniacs that have haunted the silver screen throughout history. For those who dare to delve even deeper into the realms of darkness, we present the “Terrifically Terrifying” category. This treacherous journey delves into the depths of the disturbing and the truly nightmarish. Prepare to witness inked nightmares that will haunt your dreams and leave you trembling in terror. The time of this bone-chilling contest is yet to be determined, but when the moment arrives, it will plunge you into a world where the pleasures and pains of the flesh meld into a horrifying tapestry of ink and fear. Registration will be available at the Stage the day of the expo.